Whilst we encourage you to indulge in copious servings of our products, we wholly ask you to do so responsibly!
Many aspects of the modern world embraces the notion of over consumption and excess; whilst this presents an array
of products to choose from, it also has detrimental consequences for our planet.


Aluminum is by far the most environmentally-friendly packaging material for single-use beverages. Not only can it be infinitely
recycled, but its light-weight resilient nature requires less packaging and fuel when transporting, thus leaving a lighter carbon
footprint than competing packaging materials.



A category new to the functional drinks market, our FourTwenty Chill Out is developed with our consumers in mind. Composed of our proprietary blend of 10mg of medi-grade CBD per serving and a blend of adaptogenic herbs known for their relaxing qualities, our FourTwenty Chill Out range offers the chance to kick back and embrace the chilled feeling we all need after a day of excess energy. All our FourTwenty Chill Out drinks are completely sugar-free, and ever-so-slightly carbonated to remind you not to drift away completely.


Formulated with functionality in mind, our range is made with alkaline water, infused with 8mg CBD per serving and packaged in a recyclable can. Flavoured by natural extracts and completely sugar-free, our variety of Waters vary in flavour intensity and profiles, as such we offer a flavour suited to many preferences.


We've broken away from the conventional ideals of flavour, ingredients and aroma to bring you invigorating energy, bursting with our inimitable Cannabis taste. Filled to the brim with our proprietary blend of a combination of medi-grade CBD of 5mg per serving, plant extracts and a caffeine-kick measured at 40mg per 100ml. Our Energy Drinks offer a combination of immediate and sustained energy release, sugar-free or controlled sugar content of 4g per 100ml, above-average caffeine, and genuine cannabis components (CBD).


A blend of familiar favourites, highlighted by contemporary ingredients to bring new functionality to the well-loved brew of tea. All of our Teas are brewed with natural tea extracts and contain no artificial flavourings; we’ve carefully selected our teas and blends to bring forth each ingredients unfailing natural benefits, as well as a pleasant taste, without overpowering the senses. Our Teas are completely sugar-free, contain 8mg of CBD per serving and cater to a variety of lifestyles.



CANNABIS SATIVA Agave & Hemp Infusion is crafted to original Mexican tradition. From the careful harvest selection of the South African Blue Agave plant, to a unique baking process with selected woods and onto maturing in used oak barrels. Somewhere in this journey starts our slowprocess of secret hemp infusion, to give each batch our distinctive soft & smooth and golden-nutty profile. 

CANNABIS SATIVA Vodka & Hemp Infusion is distilled and filtered to original authentic tradition. Made with only the finest grains and crystal water by means of slow craft, complimented by our traditional hemp infusion, creating the unique, soft & smooth and golden-nutty profile. 



CANNABIS SATIVA Hemp Infused Gin is a celebration of various South African botanicals and hemp, which are slowly combined by batch craft. Thereby yielding a multidimensional journey of taste and fragrance, true to our distinctive flavour profile and discerning standards. 

CANNABIS SATIVA Hemp Infused Cream Liqueur is crafted to perfection by making use of our multifaceted slow-craft techniques and artisan mixology. By blending liqueur, hemp and cream, the result is a balance of the silky, aromatic hemp taste and a creamy character making it the ideal appreciation for every occasion.